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Construction Management and Forensics

Starting Strong and Ending Strong

CM&F Inc., has a simple philosophy we apply to all of our efforts; proper Construction Management (CM) helps us start strong and end strong. While this sounds simple, construction claims generally have their root in poor management resulting in improper project startup and inefficient means and methods of construction.

The construction industry in general, has moved away from pre-project planning and implementation of proper management controls. Without pre-project planning it’s simply not possible to develop efficient and reasonable construction means and methods and or to control the project timeline. The design and construction process is dependent on developing and implementing the Owner’s program Spending time to fully understand the Owner’s program or intended use of their facility, budget and timeline is critical in completing a successful project.

Our Forensic division assists clients, insurance companies and litigators with management and case development. Our construction forensics services include inspection and investigation of building component failures, material defects, and deficiencies in installation practices. We can also assist you with addressing code compliant and building industry standards issues, including reviewing construction documents pertaining to the project.

Are you interested in delivering a project that both functions and fulfills the Owner’s program needs, is completed on time, and within budget? CM&F Inc., has the experience and is a company that will put your project on a correct path from startup to completion.